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  • Peter Bryant Coaching Session
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 13 Nov 2019
    Well, what a night it was. Peter Bryant came to coach the chorus and in the 2 hours he was with us he managed to transform our performance of several numbers, including, significantly, Perfect when for the first time we felt that we really were closing in on a performance-standard rendition.

    After the normal physical warm-up we sang a well-know Polecat, followed by several of our popular numbers including Sunny Side of the Street and Sentimental Journey. In every case Peter managed to bring out the best in the chorus and we all left feeling uplifted.

    Well done Peter, and we would welcome you back any time. 


    Further words from Mike Tasker

    Wonderful inspirational coaching session by Peter last night, and I am sure you will all agree, he showed the way to enable us to raise our game in the art and craft of harmony singing.

    Also a hearty welcome to new singer Bob Vickers.

    The coaching by Peter on ‘Perfect’ was really something different and gave us a new perspective on the song.
    I hope I can cover the main points of his advice
    1. This song should not be considered as a classic Barbershop song, the audience will expect to hear something of Ed  Sheerran in the singing, and will be disappointed if they don’t.
    2. The pace of the song as we were  singing it in the past was too fast - needs to be sung at approx. half the speed. This should help avoid the gabble when the leads have their lead ins. 
    3. The leads are way more important in this song than the harmony parts, so for the most part of the song the latter need to sing lightly so that the melody line comes through and reflects the way it is sung by Ed Sheeran.  
    4. Bar 31 needs a crescendo on the word ‘Home’.
    These are the main points I remember, you will perhaps remember much more.
    I just wish that we had been able to record some/most parts of the evening, for us it was a master class.  Our challenge now is to remember the advice and tips Peter gave us and to apply them in our future singing.
    Super evening.
  • Coaching Session
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 6 Sep 2019
    On Wednesday 13 November we will welcome Peter Bryant, MD of Spirit of Harmony barbershp chorus, to Harrogate Harmony for a coaching session. Peter was MD of our chorus several years ago and we very much look forward to his visit. 
  • Bring a Friend night
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 6 Sep 2019
    On Wednesday October 2nd we will be hosting a "Bring A Friend" night at Harrogate Harmony. The evening is open to all comers, whether friends of existing members or walk-ins off the street, who would like to sample barbershop singing.

    We will demonstrate 4-part harmony and then give newcomers the chance to participate in a rendition of a classic favourite "Hello Mary Lou".
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