Learn to Sing Course - Concert

Wed, 24 Aug 2022
Tonight a short concert was held for friends and family to celebrate the completion of our latest Learn-to-Sing course.  The concert opened with a demonstration of the chorus' warm-up techniques, followed by each harmony part singing its test piece as a demonstration.  A rendition of all four parts in harmony then followed, as did the song learned by the new recruits as part of thier course - Under the Boardwalk. 

Certificates were presented to the 3 course members who were able to attend, with 2 other certifictes awaiting new members' return from holiday. 

Following a break for refreshments the Misspent Ukes gave a 3-song set, followed by 3 songs sung by the chorus, with a finale including all the new recruits, 

Pictures courtesy of Les Whitworth.

New Members Presentations

Richard Dean

Mark Bradford

Alan Ross

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